In Memorium

Words from John Casey’s students and colleagues

In Memorium

Words from John Casey’s students and colleagues

After receiving the news of John Casey’s death, Darcy Orr saw a crow soar across the sky. She painted the crow as a gift for Casey’s wife, Rebecca. She had no idea that crows were Casey’s totem and tattooed across his body.

♥ You are a magic forest critter! The light and magic you have spread through your wisdom is forever. You are forever. I love you with all my heart wild man. BE WILD!!! Love, Respect, Appreciation, Gratitude. —Nick Macall

 Half of my notes are the wonderful asides you say in class. I’m going to run barefoot on Dogwood at 5 a.m. someday soon! I promise. Love,—Maja

Casey, I am so grateful to have had you, even if only for 3 classes. Your Light, energy, and charisma lives on through everyone you’ve met.

 Things I learned from Casey –

Crow shits on Buddha’s head
Everything is sacred.
Nothing is sacred.

I am rain. I am coldness.
I am warmth. I am darkness.
I am light. I am sunshine.
I am tree. I am wind.

I am… I am… We are…

—Carol Fair

♥ You’ve been one of the most influential professors I’ve had. Your Eastern Thought class changed how I view the world. —Mark Hendrick

♥ John, You are a model of wisdom for us all. —Danny



♥ Thank you for encouraging your students to look at the epic beauty that lies within passion. You shed such an exuberant light to any student who allows their mind to hear your authentic wanderlust, magical thought. Thank you John for being exactly who you are and inspiring me to do the same. Sending you love and lavender.  —Damn Betcha

♥ Today it finally hit me. I hope your weekend is spent filled with love. I will forever cherish the lessons I learned from both terms of Environmental Ethics and how those ethics apply to my life. Thank you. —Alisha Weaver

♥ Dear Casey, Your words to us students give us hope for our own conversions. Much love and best wishes for your journey. —C.J.

♥ Thanks for everything you brought to this community. I only had you once in Environmental Ethics, but during that time you had such a huge impact on me. You are an amazing person and inspire everyone around you. Your legacy will live on. —Sydney G

♥ Spiritling in the form of the man creature is what I know.

 To the tree hugging, dirt loving man that infected all our minds with hope.

♥ My thoughts are with one of the wisest, bravest people I’ve every known. Your journey has been inspiring. —Ben A

 John, Thank you for what you have shared. You have shifted the world around you. —Jayden


…Casey was an incredible influence on my life. I honestly believe he still influences me today. He taught me a new way to view the world, an openness and acceptance to the experiences of others that I try to apply to my life each and every day. He opened my eyes to new perspectives about myself as a person and inhabitant of this world. He gently and lovingly accepted me for who I was, who I am, and who he believed I could be. Due to my deep connection with trees, he called me his “Little Druid,” a nickname I still cherish. The world, and my life, is better for having had John Casey in it. —Kerrie Helmer Quirk

♥ You taught me that learning isn’t just stuffing information into memorization, but learning how and why. I’ll never forget that.  —Olivia C. Smith

♥ Dear John, Thank you for challenging and opening so many minds and for cultivating a true curiosity toward the nature of our world. I will always hold onto your light dearly. —Georgia

♥ Casey, Thank you for your years of wisdom and devotion to Rebecca and the College, and your unwavering passion for Parliamentary Procedure. —Liz Brace

♥ My time in your class inspired me and you are an amazing human. This earthly existence will miss you. —Kobi Fein

♥ Thank you for that amazing message you sent that made me reprioritize my happiness above anything. Thanks for being at WWC.



♥ Casey, Over the years I have heard many students talk about many professors. I can honestly say that when students have talked about you there is always a respect and a reverence for what you have brought to them. You changed minds and hearts. Godspeed. —Jill Meadows

♥ Thank you for everything John. Your classes and advising are going to echo in my head for many years as I absorb what you’ve taught me. Your tongue-in-ear metaphor shook me on a deep level and made me really feel like I glimpsed something of the oneness you were talking about and what it means. I really appreciate you and feel really lucky to have been your student. —Ella Karp

♥ Your teachings have definitely changed people’s lives at this college. Thank you.

♥ Casey, Your class on Philosophy of Science and Logic has forever shaped the way that I’ve come to “understand” science. The stories you’ve shared have been passed from owl to owl with the underlying secret desire to meet the man that has shaped so many individuals. I consider myself honored to share your same frame of mind, if only for a few moments in my life. You’ve made me enjoy just being. —Brian Gobb

 I’m sad to have not had a class with you, but have been witness to all the magic and moonbeams you have spread across campus!

♥ Thank you John. The ultimate lesson learned: experience all the way to the grand finale.